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Alumni recount their fondest memories from their years at ISD. 


Ebrahima Jalloh

Class of 2016

Taking a Gap Year

My fondest memory has to be winning our first ever High School football WAISAL tournament. My best teacher was Mr. Pennypacker, because he teaches you to be responsible for you education, he doesn't sit there and begs you to learn, he goes up and teaches and if you choose to not listen then it's on you are putting yourself in trouble, this is good because it makes you prepare for college, that your professors would be talking to you to pay attention, so learn to be responsible for your own education. After ISD I plan do go into Business, I love sports and what would be better would be to combine my passion for Sports and Business, and do something in the Sports Management.

Ivy Muriuki

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Waterloo, Ontario

I'll miss some of my teachers and friends! If I had to choose my favorite teacher it would be Ms. Mock or Mr. Egge (I can't decide, i love them both).

Ms. Mock really demonstrated that she cares about my doing well and she cared about learning as much about learning the curriculum in a way that would ensure that she could help me in anyway she can. It was really easy to build a relationship with teachers that go above and beyond to teach us.

Mr. Egge made learning math actually bearable. He was a pleasure to learn from because he was a person outside of his teacher. He was dedicated to learning about myself and it thus made me want to learn about him.


After ISD I plan to go to the University of Waterloo and study Economics and Law. In 4 years, I want to take the LSATS and attend law school. In 10 years, I hope to be a successful lawyer in a law firm. 

Tate Rodine

Class of 2016

Studying at Vermilion Community College

My favorite thing about ISD are the teachers, the favorite one being Ms. Hoffman because class was so energetic when she was teaching. 

Hye Min Song

Class of 2016

Studying at College of Charleston

I like how everything is very organised at ISD. Any events like the IB exams are very well organised and easy to follow. My favorite teacher was my economics teacher, because he was very helpful all the times. After ISD I am going back to Korea for university.

Lina Hagenah

Class of 2016

Studying at Delft University of Technology

My favorite memory at ISD is WAISAL Soccer. My favorite teachers was Ms. Leinbach because she was one of the only teachers that prepared us really well for the exams and because her class was always fun. After ISD I am going to Delft University of Technologies in the Netherlands.

Ines Corinna Curti

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Kentucky, Lexington

Im going to miss the events and activities at ISD the most. Sharing fun moments with the senior class and the various sports were some of the best things at ISD. My favorite teacher was Mr. Egge because he is so honest and genuinely cares for his students. After ISD hopefully I will be going to college in the UK.

Marie Christine Blagogee

Class of 2016

Taking a Gap Year

I will miss the campus and the arts and the way is WAISAL celebrated. I would say my last two years were the most memorable. After ISD I'm hoping to study graphic design, either in the states or South Africa.

Annatendai Gonah

Class of 2016

Studying at Maastricht University

The thing I will miss most about ISD is the open and vibrant environment. During my time there my favorite teacher was Mr. Bishop because he was passionate about the books we were studying and was always up to discuss books and literature. 

Geraldine Aurore Mounier

Class of 2016

Taking a Gap Year

I will miss the love and support of all my teachers and classmates. I really appreciated the school campus, some of the teachers, a few students and my favorite memory is having lunch with close friends everyday. My favorite teacher was Mrs. Welander. She has helped me progress as a student and as a person and has inspired me to become a teacher as caring as her.

After ISD hopefully I will be going to university in an LLCER program to become an English teacher for kids with learning disabilities.

Doudou Gueye

Class of 2016

Studying at Georgia State University 

I will miss the fact that we are a small school and how everyone knows each other and can talk to anyone in the school. I will also miss how you can talk to teachers and staff members and how they can also help you. The fact that you can be friends with anyone at ISD is what I will miss the most in general. I like how you can make friends from different grades and it isn't a problem because in my old school seniors weren't allowed to talk to middle school students, but in this school you could make friends from different ages and it won't matter. The second thing I also like is how their is always laughter at ISD and rarely someone will get mad which shows how this is a joyful school.

My favorite memory will always be this year and how we won WAISAL basketball and the reason this is my favorite memory is because our whole team has been working hard towards that process like coming in the morning at 6 am and training to staying in the afternoon until 7 or 8 pm and training and also on weekends. This was a goal set by our team and we managed to accomplish that goal at the end by going undefeated even though their were friendship problems in our team, as soon as we stepped on the court, the only thing we thought about was winning. I will always remember this team wherever I go because we had fun while playing.

ISD has been a great school for me because it has helped me grow up into the person that I am today and I have learned a lot of things in this school that would help in the future, not just from the teachers but also from the students because we also have great discussions sometimes and these help you in knowing who you are as a person.

Maria-Carolina Norgaard

Class of 2016

Studying at The University of Birmingham

I really liked the green and open areas around campus. My favorite teacher was Mr Pennypacker because he's hilarious in a subtle way. After ISD I want to go to university in England.

Leo Franchett Ndiaye

Class of 2016

Studying at Case Western University

My favourite ISD memory is hanging out with my friends on retreat. My favorite teacher is Ms. Leinbach, because she is dedicated to us as students and as people.

Daniel Schawer

Class of 2016

I am going to miss the kindness and open mindedness of the whole ISD community. My favourite teacher is Mrs. Fultz as she supported me and my whole class through all the difficult topics in math.

Yuhee Jung

Class of 2016

One of the best things about ISD is since there aren't a lot of people in one grade, I think it gives an opportunity to have close relationships with teachers and also classmates.

After ISD I want to attend a Korean University and study English or French Literature.

Bakali John Pendame

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Cape Town 

I will miss the day to day interactions with my closest friends now that we are going in our separate paths. On top of this I will miss the teachers who made learning engaging and rewarding. It is a good, welcoming community.

My favorite teacher was Ms. Leinbach as in her class she made learning engaging with different activities and plentiful resources. Also rewarding in that she emphasised progress in keeping our scores over the span of two years to see what we have achieved and what we can improve upon.

After ISD I will be studying biomedical science in the UK and hopefully joining a medical school from there.

Mohamed Camara

Class of 2016

Studying at Carleton University,

What I liked about ISD is the people's togetherness, their support for each other. You can really feel the love. The most memorable teacher for me is Dr. Blakeney. He's clean cut and dry. Straight to the point. He alwasy remains calm and patient. A true Diplomat.

After ISD I want to study computer science management and business systems.

Mitiasoa Razafy

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Southern California, Los Angeles


What I will miss the most about ISD is the international environment and the melting pot of cultures, ideas and beliefs. The athletics and the support ISD has for its athletics program. Following ISD I want to study Global Health at the University of Southern California, USA.

Samuel Jatta

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Toronto, Ontario

My favorite memory from ISD has to be going for the senior retreat. As far as best teacher, in my opinion is was Mr. Pennypacker. I thought he structured his class well and it was always informative. It was very interesting and never felt rushed. Once I graduate I will study Business and sociology in Canada.

Faly Richou

Class of 2016

Taking a Gap Year


What I liked most about ISD were the Facilities and the fact that teachers are always available for students. The international environment was very refreshing to be in. The best teachers for me was Ms. Leinbach; Before coming to ISD, history was a subject I disliked and performed poorly in. With her, I have been able to improve greatly and gain more interest with the subject. I hope to be Studying Chemical engineering at the University of Birmingham in the UK.

David Sow

Class of 2016

Taking a Gap Year


My favorite memory of ISD were the retreats because i got to know a lot of people and had so much fun with friends. My favorite teacher was Dr. Blakeney because he explains all topics in a good and comprehensible way. He is also very flexible in the teaching style and willing to spend a lot of time with you outside of school. Makes class fun.


After ISD I will be taking a gap year in Germany and applying to a real estate firm to get some experience before going to business school.

Christiaan Smith

Class of 2016

Taking a Gap Year


I will miss ISD because when I first arrived I felt like I was already part of a family. And although many people left before graduation I will miss leaving my family.

Ben Lang

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Colorado Boulder

My favorite person at ISD is Mr. Egge He made me enjoy one of my least liked classes. He was just a fun teacher and really encouraged me to work hard. After ISD I want to go to University of Colorado Boulder.

Salimata Seck

Class of 2016

Studying at University of Portsmouth, UK 

I fondly remember Shady Shack and and the good food they had. The guards were really kind as well. My favorite teachers were Egge, Creammer, Blakeney. They made learning so much fun.

Moussa Sleiman

Class of 2016

Studying at Parsons School of Design

I really enjoyed the friendships I was able to build at ISD and having friends over at my house every weekend was a lot of fun. Personally, my favorite teacher was Mr Egge, he's laid back, funny, and is casual with his students. After ISD I plan to improve on my art skills.

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