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Alumni recount their fondest memories from their years at ISD. 


Anabelle Voisard

Class of 2014

Studying at Concordia University

My Favorite ISD Memory: Honestly, there are so many of them. However, when I think about ISD, I recall all the lunch time moments that I had with my friends, the nice weather and the connections that I made with the teachers at the time. My experience at ISD really helped me grow and made the person who I am today.

Ndey Mboup

Class of 2014

Studying at LIM College and Fashion Institute of Technology

My Favorite ISD Memory:  ISD is a place where you come to grow. It is a big, but at the same time very small, family and community in which every person (be it a teacher, coach or classmate) contributes to your personal and academic growth as a student. The Jaguar community is one that is positive and encouraging, and there is never a dull moment. From the stimulating range of classes you take to the enriching cultural activites and class trips you get to experience, you will leave Dakar feeling empowered and determined to be an ambassador of change to the rest of the world. "Once a Jaguar, Always a Jaguar!"

My favorite moment: Graduation, because it was our proudest moment to have the culmination of all of our hard work for the past 13 years be celebrated and shared with our peers, teachers, friends, family and loved ones.

Camille Vittin

Class of 2014

Studying at University of Tampa

My Favorite ISD Memory: ISD is a really welcoming place and it'll become your second family. The friendships you make there will last for a lifetime. Favorite memories were field trips, especially our last one in 12th grade. It was bittersweet because it was our last trip, but I have the best memories from that trip.

I am currently studying to become an Elementary Education teacher.

Hady Kevin Wehbe

Class of 2014

Studied at University of Ottawa, Universidad Europea de Madrid, Real Madrid International School, Sports Management World Wide

My Favorite ISD Memory: My Best memory is the 2013 trip to Burkina Fasso after winning the basketball tournament.

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