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Alumni recount their fondest memories from their years at ISD. 


Nicolas Mathy

Class of 2013

Studying at Karel de Grote College

My Favorite ISD Memory: ISD is a great school for any family from any background! My fondest memories from ISD are the world culture days, Waisal tournaments and WAIST.

Amy Yeager

Class of 2013

Studying at Clark University

My Favorite ISD Memory: It is difficult to choose only a few memories to articulate from my four years at ISD. I can say that most of them involved my fabulous teachers, from actual class sessions to chatting during study blocks to eating lunch in their classrooms with friends. Lastly, I often think about the many cats that lived on campus - Stacey, Blaze, and One-Eye, to name a few - and wonder if they are still around.


I am a junior at Clark University in Worcester, Massachusetts, and am well on my way to graduating with a degree in Scientific Illustration. Following undergrad, I hope to get my Master's in Medical Illustration, and aspire to have a career in Medical or Natural Science Illustration. For the time being, I work in the Hibbett Lab in Clark's Biology Department, illustrating fungi. When I'm not in class or drawing, I do tech for Clark Musical Theatre. I miss living overseas, and I fondly remember my time at ISD.

Julia Versel

Class of 2013

Studying at Harvard University

My Favorite ISD Memory: ISD shaped me into the person I am today, and will always remain a part of me. I am so grateful for the values of community, open-mindedness and personal connection that ISD instilled in me over the years. From 2002-2013, ISD was and continues to be a home for me. My best memories from ISD include Mardi Gras dress up celebrations organized by the French teachers in early 2000's, attending and then later on planning/organizing the Lock-Ins, hot Lunch days in early 2000's organized by the PTA (before it was renamed PTO), Soccer and Swim Team practices before/after school, SIPS competitions, when the school would take a field trip to the stadium to cheer our school on, when ISD's mascot was still the Scorpion!


Honestly, there are too many memories that were made at twelve years in the same school. I saw ISD change, grow, and transition in many ways. Each year was different and provided unique memories. I reflect warmly on the sense of community that ISD students shared during the first few years that I was there. The school will always hold such a special place for me and I can't wait to visit again.

Medina Sabina Charpentier

Class of 2013

Studying at Regents University of London, Università Degli Studi di Firenze and Bond University

My Favorite ISD Memory: Would definitely recommend ISD to new families as it is a school that allows you to grow; with all the different nationalities there is to learn from. Students grow both educationally and culturally. My favorite memory well always be WAISAL.

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