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Alumni recount their fondest memories from their years at ISD. 


Leslie Ayuk-Takor

Class of 2012

Studying at Columbia University

My Favorite ISD Memory: Nobody ever really lets go of ISD. Whether you stayed for 1 year or were there from preschool to 12th grade, ISD remains ingrained within you and you leave the school knowing that you have truly made friends for life -- without exaggeration. You gain not only a great education, but the invaluable skill of knowing how to cultivate and maintain significant relationships. My top memories from ISD are SIPS, Week Without Walls 12th grade service trip, WAISAL and the Kedougou Field Trip.

Madalena Campos Ferreira

Class of 2012

Studying at Universita degli studi di Torino- Italy and ISCTE- Portugal

My Favorite ISD Memory: My favorite memories by far were the senior trips. Currently I am studying Psychology. Doing an exchange program in Italy for 6 months, and then going back to Portugal.

Michael Scanlon

Class of 2012

Studying at Michigan State University

My Favorite ISD Memory: It's a close knit community full of great people. My best memories are the numerous WAISAL tournaments and the traveling to different countries. Also I loved Shady Shack.

Caroline Taylor

Class of 2012

Studying at College of Charleston

My Favorite ISD Memory: My fondest memories include getting grilled cheeses at the Shady Shack. Being on Stuco for two years. Helping form the Jappale organization. Being on the soccer and volleyball teams and competing at WAISAL tournaments in Ghana.Personally, I started my student teaching in the spring semester of 2016.  

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