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Alumni recount their fondest memories from their years at ISD. 


Audrey Nlandou

Class of 2015

Studying at University of Scranton in Scranton

My Favorite ISD Memory: My favorite memories from ISD are the talent shows, WAISAL, local tournaments against other teams, Week Without Walls of my junior and senior year. I learnt a lot about my friends and about myself during those events. Some of these events humbled me and made me feel grateful of the people around me.

Ocean Lefebvre

Class of 2015

Studying at Ryerson University

My Favorite ISD Memory: Off the top of my head I would say my favorite memory of ISD was Waisal Volleyball.

Hannah Nicholls

Class of 2015

Studying Criminology at the University of Nottingham

My Favorite ISD Memory: The Week Without Walls trip we did during my senior year.

Victoire Cointy

Class of 2015

Studying at Northeastern University 

My Favorite ISD Memory: When it comes to memories at ISD, favourites are quite hard to narrow down. However, the main three which impacted me were the following: the first performance of Selfie, a play I’d directed for IB Theatre HL, my senior trip and my graduation.

Selfie was a two-month-long process and seeing it come together into an actual play onstage was one of the most gratifying moments of my time at ISD. Knowing that the sweat and tears that went into all of the brainstorming, reading, rehearsal and building sessions had been worth it was really relieving. Our senior trip was a week-long trip down to La Somone and had an impact on me because of the way it ended. During our last afternoon at the hotel we were staying at, our accompanying teachers made us sit in a circle and each one of us was given the possibility to stand up and give a short reflective speech on our two years as a cohort. Although we initially thought only a couple of us would stand up, all of us ended up saying something, and we were all brought to tears as we realised that we were sharing our last few moments together as a group. This feeling struck again during graduation as we were lined up just before walking onstage as Mr. Bell said: “This is the last time you will all be in the same place at the same time, as a cohort and as high school students.” And as we threw our caps up in the air at the end of the ceremony, I definitely felt those words gain a lot more meaning.

At the end of the day, I had a very nomadic childhood and went to many different schools, but ISD has without a doubt been my favourite.

Fatoumata Traore

Class of 2015

Studying at University of Saint Thomas

My Favorite ISD Memory: My Senior Week without walls is part of my best memories. My graduation is also part of my best memories

Ibrahim Lamay

Class of 2015

Studied at James Madison University and George Mason University

My Favorite ISD Memory: My top memory for ISD is SIPs.

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