Alumni recount their fondest memories from their years at ISD. 


Amy Diack

Class of 2017

Plans to learn about animation.


Teachers [at ISD] have their own teacher coolness. I will miss making the art pieces and seeing pieces of others. ISD is tough but fair so that it could push me to the limit. The After School Activities were fun! I created my own after school activity (Cartoon Club!) 

Basia Diagne

Class of 2017

Studying at the American University of Paris.


ISD Teachers are committed and passionate and they care about each student.  

Agnes Dikoum

Class of 2017

[ISD's art program] was my way of escaping my academic worries but still be part of the Jaguars. I loved playing in other countries and representing the Jaguars. I loved being part of a different type of group than I am usually around in school all day. I loved sports. 

Adama Diop

Class of 2017

Attending the University of Toronto for Co-op. Studying International Business and Management and International Law.

Ali Ka

Class of 2017

Studying business and computer science.

[Teachers at ISD are] very supportive, want us to succeed, kind, and willing to give their time for us. 

Jeremy Lang

Class of 2017

Studying at Central Washington University in Ellensburg.


I will miss all the hard work and dedication of the ISD teachers.

Cydnee Mathis

Class of 2017

Studying psychology at the University of Arkansas.

I will miss working with my classmates to create amazing theatre productions and coming up with creative ideas. I learned that you shouldn't be afraid to try new thing and to have confidence in yourself that you will succeed. I learned that the lower grades do look up to the upper class-men and it is important that you interact with all grade levels because at the end of the day we all were their at some point and we can all use a little guidance and support.


I will miss my teammates and my coaches the most. I have been blessed to play with the majority of the same girls for the past three years and they have become my family. 

Stella Mutoni

Class of 2017

Studying at Maastricht university in the Netherlands or University of Gdansk in Poland.


I will miss watching basketball games. Attending ISD has been an exceptional experience to me. I have made an amazing group of friends with whom I will live to remember.

William Desanges Ngue

Class of 2017

Studying at Birmingham City or PKFokham Institute of Excellence.

Comprehensiveness and great support from teachers and lots of peers and buddies [at ISD] made things easier and fun.

Joshua Ogg

Class of 2017

US Military. 

I will miss my teachers.

Christian Rampa Luhembwe

Class of 2017

Studying Mechanical Engineering.


ISD teachers pushed you to get work done on time and made you feel like they cared about your success.

Luc Rulinda

Class of 2017

Studying Mechanical Engineering.

I will miss the teachers that actually cared for my life outside of school. I have learned a lot from the teachers academically. They also taught me that only my ambition and perseverance will get me where I want to be in life and not their help they provide in class. I have learned that the academic program is designed to make it hard for us to succeed. I will miss the camaraderie I developed in those activities. I will miss the coaches and the brotherhood I was able to develop in all my basketball teams.

Sona Sadio

Class of 2017

Studying economics at the University of South Florida.

After school activities helped me learn about my strenghts and weaknesses, as well as allow me to make friends. 

Amina Sarr

Class of 2017

I would love to study Communications and Media and receive a bachelors so I can then go on to do a Masters in Public Relations. Brunel University.

The teachers at ISD are really supportive and want the best for us.

Elodie Van Gils

Class of 2017

Studying at the University of Groningen. 

I will miss the sports community and the coaches who help you beyond your sports skills and soccer ability.

Sheila Voisard

Class of 2017

I will be studying psychology as an undergrad but I am planning on continuing my education by going to medical school after.

The teachers at ISD are very supportive and try their hardest to make everyone understand. I will miss how attentive they were to me during my time at ISD.

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